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Bulk Purchase Discount

Discount is categorized into different type based on the volume of stock. Below are the discount rates given for each type.

If any customer interested to enjoy higher discount rate, better services as well as more benefits kindly check out our Reseller Program

E.g. If your order quantity is 30pcs and you will entitled to 5% of discount, and calculation will be;  

Assume total amount due is RM1350 – 5% = RM1282.50


Discount Rate of Bulk Purchase
Type 1 30pcs and above Entitled to 5% Discount
Type 2 50pcs and above Entitled to 10% Discount
Type 3 100pcs and above Entitled to 12% Discount
Type 4
300pcs and above Entitled to 15% Discount


*Kindly be noticed, above chart of Discount are not available during OneFesyen Promotion Period.